The eBaracus TTX02

In 2009 eBaracus started development of the ground breaking TTX02. Based on the technology used from the winning machine of the inaugural TTXGP at the Isle of Man. The key objective was to build a machine that could be run by teams entering the new TTXGP race series in Europe and North America. eBaracus built a total of six bikes some of which were road legal but plans to go into production were shelved due to the high capital costs of obtaining the necessary approvals. Below is a video that explains the ethos and thinking behind the TTX02.

The TTX02 was based on a KTM RC8 chassis with twin Agni 95R DC motors coupled to a 1200A Kelly motor controller. The power was obtained from a 7.5 kWh pack of Lithium Polymer cells resulting in 81bhp, 130 mph and a range of approx. 110 miles. Unfortunately, the technology used in TTXGP racing has moved ahead so rapidly that they TTX02 is no longer competitive at the leading edge and so 2012 was likely to be the last time they will be seen on track. However, the joint TTX/FIM ePower race in Germany this year saw our trusty red bike come home in 2nd place so it went out on a high!


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