3 Wheels on my Wagon

The University of Applied Science motorsport division entered a fully electric vehicle into the Formula Student Competition in 2012. The team chose a pair of LMC135 RAGS DC motors in series with a Kelly controller and eBaracus supplied the A123 Prismatic Nanophosphate cells. The combination proved so powerful that the wheels couldn't cope and baled out half way through the event.


The team did a magnificent job of modelling and analysing thermal management together with full 3D CAD of their pack.

eBaracus plan to continue working with eMotorsports College next year on supplying our latest BMS system. Martin Vosswinkel, Chief Engineer said

The cells went very well in our car and fulfilled our expectations even under the bright sun in Barcelona.

Here at eBaracus we are so impressed with this teams engineering we want to share with you a picture of their CAD model.

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