The spectacular Volar E running A123 cells

Here at eBaracus we love to see what customers have been up to with our products, this one is a real engineering tour de force! Designed and built by the global automotive engineering giants AppPlus+ IDIADA in conjunction with Rimac and co-funded by the European Commission to demonstrate that electric vehicles can have the performance and technology to challenge the best conventional supercars in the world.

The car has 4 x 200kW motors developing 1000NM or torque and powered by 38kWh of A123 Prismatic cells supplied by eBaracus. The body is carbon fibre on a tubular chrome-molybdenum chassis and the controlo systems feature torque vector steering.

In the words of Fernando Basabe, CEO of Applus+, “this project is recognition of the technological capacity of Applus + IDIADA in the field of engineering for the automotive industry.” Carles Grasas, CEO of Applus+ IDIADA, stresses the technical challenge that the award of the project by the EC implies: “successful completion of the project in four months is the best demonstration of the capabilities of the company in engineering and project management.

Any of you out there got something special up your sleeve? We’d love to hear from you.

For the moment enjoy the video…

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