EIG partnership with eBaracus

eBaracus​ are delighted to announce a partnership agreement with EIG Ltd (Energy Innovation Group)  of Korea, to supply energy storage technology to the growing and global electric motorsport market. EIG Ltd. achieved ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certification, allowing eBaracus​ to deliver automotive grade tier 1 technology into the sport. EIG were awarded approved supplier status to Indian manufacturing giants Tata Motors in 2009. Their cells combine the highest levels of performance and quality as demonstrated in the Mission R race bike that won the TTX/ePower round at Laguna Seca in 2011 so convincingly, as well as the awesome 700bp  Quimera AEGT01 race car.

The ePLB C020 20Ah LIPO pouch cell combines specific energy of 174Wh/kg with specific power of 2,300W/kg to create a cell at the cutting edge of LIPO performance whilst maintaining automotive levels of quality and reliability. eBaracus​ have developed a tiny distributed BMS cell board to fit between the tabs of these cells, perfect for prototyping and building high performance battery packs. See our BMS section for more details here.

eBaracus​ CEO, Azhar Hussain MBE commented, “As we transition from high octane to high charge, partnerships like EIG are crucial to allow our sport to grow and deliver on the promise of competitive clean emission racing. eBaracus​ brings the best technology with security, safety and support. We hope we can help you deliver on your application and explore the possibilities together”.

Seokjun Yoon, general manager of EIG “EIG is delighted to be partnering with eBaracus​, one of the pioneers of electric motorcycle racing and electric motorsports in general.  Together with EIG’s heritage of providing cutting edge battery technology to winning motorsport teams around the world, EIG is looking forward to teaming with eBaracus​ to help take the electric motorsport technology to the next levels of safety, performance, and value.”

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