eBaracus Supplies the Power

In 2012, eBaracus designed and built the main energy pack for the Drayson Lola B12/69EV, possibly the most advanced electric vehicle ever built. Powered by A123 Lithium Nanophosphate cells linked to 4 x Yasa 750 advanced axial flux motors with Rinehart controllers, the drivetrain can output 850Hp and has a top speed estimated at 200mph.

The vehicle was developed by Drayson Racing Technologies as a showcase of the latest design innovations in electric vehicles and to demonstrate the possibilities of all electric racing.

The batteries are recharged using a Qualcomm HaloIPT wireless induction system, where coils positioned in the floor of the vehicle start charging the packs when placed over recharging pads in the pit garage. Obviously the car has been developed to be as energy efficient as possible with moveable aerodynamics and suspension units where the dampers convert the suspension movement to electricity!

On its first outing at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2012 it set the fastest ever electric vehicle time of 53.53s and came in 11th overall, even though the power was significantly restricted at this stage of the cars development.

See below a video of the initial testing and first runs at the MIRA proving facility.

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