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eBaracus is a premier technology supplier to the electric motorsport industry.

“When the first fully sanctioned electric race was held in June 2009, battery-powered bike racing was unknown, untested and disbelieved – nobody knew where it was going,” said TTXGP founder Azhar Hussain MBE. “Just 15 months later, we have set the bar across the world. Technology developed for TTXGP is the technology which will be used to take zero carbon transportation into our daily lives.”

Born from a need to supply the Motorsport industry and specifically teams that wished to enter TTXGP, the eGrandPrix the very best zero carbon technology; eBaracus quickly established its self as an enabler to race teams worldwide and trusted supplier of advanced zero carbon technology. ebaracus has successfully assisted many teams to join the grid and several teams to podium within the TTXGP World Series in 2010 through building partnerships that deliver complete bikes, support, track side assistance and most importantly access to some of the world’s most advanced transport technology and key components. It was eBaracus that commissioned and built the TTX01, the first all electric bike to traverse the TT course in 2008, to help launch the TTXGP and lay down the gauntlet to the worlds clean tech industry to design and build zero carbon motorbikes to propel the advancement and innovation of clean tech industry as well as give birth the next generation of Motorsport. A the end of 2009 eBaracus launched TTX02 to world wide Acclaim and rave reviews. Based on the winning Bike from the June race, TTX02 was the worlds first factory esuperbike delivered to its first customer in April 2010. eBaracus is the technology, advisory and consulting arm of TTXGP eGrandPrix. It enables teams and individuals to take part in the next generation of motorsport with an affordable and competitive product. The product range has grown with support of partners like A123 Systems for which eBaracus is the authorized distributor for motorsports and beyond. We have developed relationships across the supply chain so can offer not just a rapid bespoke service, but can be your partner in delivering the experience you need to succeed. This leadership in motorsport places eBaracus in an ideal opportunity to provide products, experience and development solutions for multiple transport applications from electric speed boats to premium car conversions. We have even been pushing innovation for intelligent storage in the grid. Product range from complete vehicles to components and support. We can match a scale of budgets and get you started. eBaracus will help you get to the grid and let you focus on being as fast and competitive as you can be.

New Day, New Rules, New Game - Be Part of it.

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